Background Information
Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the US and in ND. Approximately 800 – 900 lives are lost in ND each year due to tobacco. The annual healthcare expenditures directly caused by tobacco use amount to $247 million dollars. ND's adult smoking rate is 17.4% with our youth rate at 22.4%. Approximately 2500 kids under age 18 will try cigarettes for the first time each year.

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Adult Cigarette Smoking

Youth Cigarette Smoking in 2011

Tobacco Prevention and Control Grant
The Tobacco Prevention program works to promote and advocate for comprehensive tobacco free policies in the community. There are four goal areas within the grant-funded program:

  • Prevent Initiation of Tobacco Use among Youth and Young Adults
  • Promote Quitting Tobacco Use
  • Eliminate Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
  • Build Capacity and Infrastructure to Implement a Comprehensive Evidence-Based Tobacco Prevention & Control Program

North Dakota's five-year plan, Saving Lives – Saving Money: North Dakota's Comprehensive State Plan to Prevent and Reduce Tobacco Use 2009 – 2014, was developed from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s evidence-based Best Practices model (Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs October 2007). These methods are proven to be effective.

Prevent Youth Initiation
The following strategies help create and change the social norm of tobacco use to make it less desirable, less acceptable and less accessible.

  • Comprehensive tobacco free school policies prohibit tobacco use on school property and at school-sponsored events by youth, staff and adults. Lakota School District's comprehensive policy became effective on April 13, 2011 while Dakota Prairie School District's comprehensive policy became effective on October 11, 2011. The Midkota School Board approved a comprehensive tobacco free policy on May 8, 2012.
  • Increasing the price of tobacco will decrease usage and prevent youth from starting. Research shows that each 10% cigarette price increase reduces youth smoking by 6.5%, adult rates by 2% and total consumption by 4%.
  • Expanding the statewide smokefree law to cover all workplaces and public places. The North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) Chapter 23-12.09 outlines the current law about smoking in public places and places of employment.
  • Provide cessation services.
  • Media campaigns exposing the tobacco industry's lies and attempts to manipulate and influence youth.

Promote Cessation
Tobacco users can access several cessation services through the privacy of their own home by phone or online through the ND Department of Health website. Services are free and nicotine replacement products are available at no cost if eligible.

  • Nicotine replacement therapy products
  • Social support

Quit rate statistics are available in Fact Sheets for Nelson County and Griggs County for 2004 through 2010. More current reports will be posted monthly once they become available.

Check with your individual health insurance plan to see what services and products might be covered. ND Medicaid provides coverage of some products with pre-authorization from your physician.

Other Resources
North Dakota Tobacco Quitline

Reduce and Eliminate Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
Through ND's current smokefree law, most workplaces and public places are smokefree. Unfortunately, not all bar workers are protected unless communities have passed local ordinances. Eight communities have done this, protecting 37% of ND's population. These include:

  • Grand Forks
  • Devils Lake
  • Bismarck
  • Fargo
  • Napoleon
  • Pembina
  • West Fargo
  • Cavalier

There is no safe exposure to secondhand smoke to adults or children. This has been well documented by the U.S. Surgeon General Report on the Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke (2006).


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Smokeless Tobacco
Switching from smoking to smokeless tobacco is not without risks. More information and research is showing the health effects of smokeless tobacco. The tobacco industry markets these products as a safer alternative to smoking. The industry promotes using smokeless tobacco where smoking is prohibited.

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